How to save time for nclex (for busy mothers and professionals)

Save time. If you are my students who have already enrolled in my course, there is a section of audio lectures which you can download from the resources. The audio file of each lecture is included alongside the video. However, you still need the video explanation to understand everything. After you have gone through the video lectures, you can download and save the audio lecture on your device and listen to revise all that we studied during your travel, waiting or leisure time. This is help you to save a lot of time.

Track your time and everything you need to study. You can do that for free with time tracking tools like ASANA or any note books. You can list your daily goal, weekly goal and monthly goal and track your progress.

Dot not distract yourself with social media, movies, travel or anything much on the final month of the test. This is high time to focus.

I have provided a quick nclex preparation cheatbook which will be helpful to practice important comcepts on the last week of the test date. Use this as a revision tool.

I have also provided flashcards on many topics for your nclex exam preparation. I have devoted a lot of time in making these cards. Use them properly for your exam preparation.

Also, go through the quiz session and practice test session for practicing everything what you learn in the theory.

Adopt yourself with the different types of questions that may come in the exam. Questions may be of different types like positive and negative events questions, prioritizing questions, communications questions, etc. I have a whole video series of dealing with these kinds of questions for exam preparation. Practice well with those lectures well before the exam in order to prepare for the kind of questions on the exam day.

Sometimes we study better alone and sometimes in a group with friends. Make sure you do not waste a lot of time in discussion and just passing time around when you are on group discussion.

There is a facebook group for all my students to know the important news, information, practice questions and discussing on important topics. Make sure you join the group and participate actively when any question is posted.

Do not get equipped with lots of books and resources. One or two book, One or 2 practice questions session will work better. I recommend uworld and saunders personally although there are many other books and question practice materials if you also want to go through other materials than what I teach you on my course. Too much sugar tastes bitter. You don’t have to pile up books for your nclex exam preparation.

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